Saturday, November 22, 2008

Engaged: Jessica & Mike

It was a wonderful day for shooting last weekend with lots of soft and diffuse light to work with. I met Jessica and Mike at Golden Gardens for a fabulous engagement session. They were naturals in front of the camera and are incredibly photogenic (and they laughed at me when I told them that during the session...but I was right, don't you agree ;) Thanks for a fun session!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The M Family

I adore that I am now getting to photograph the little babies of my wedding clients. You may recognize Tasha and Dominic from a previous post about their wedding. They now have a beautiful little girl named Sophia. She is a bit colicy, but her mom and dad are experts at soothing her and she was extremely cooperative and oh my goodness, SO cute! Don't you agree...

Very thoughtful...

The little details...

This one cracks me up, I love the look on Sophia's face, it's priceless!

Time to call it a day folks...

Married: Meg & Eric

Meg and Eric had a beautiful ceremony at Lake Wilderness Lodge (I've been shooting there a lot lately!). I couldn't have asked for a more gorgeous Autumn day or a nicer couple to work with. Everything about their day was fabulous...from their special first look when Meg walked down the aisle, to the heartfelt toasts from their family and friends, to the awesome party. One of my favorite DJ's, Sean Denard, was rockin' the party and no one wanted to leave, including Meg and Eric who stayed past their schedule departure time to keep celebrating with guests :) Enjoy...

Monday, November 17, 2008

The M Family

Meet my neighbors! Well, former neighbors now that we've both moved, but that's how I'll continue thinking of them. Gena and David are such an awesome couple and they have two amazing kids, Ethan and Megan. We had a great time exploring the Arboretum and being a bit silly ;-)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Married: Holly & Randy

I had an amazing time at Holly and Randy's wedding! They married at Willows Lodge on a gorgeous Autumn day and everything about their wedding was elegant and gorgeous. I felt a connection with these two at our first meeting and I loved their go-with-the-flow, laid back attitude that let them soak in all the goodness of their special day.

Married: Lexi & Eric

Last month I had the opportunity to work with a wonderful couple, Lexi and Eric. They married at the Lake Wilderness Lodge, which overlooks a beautiful lake and gorgeous trees full of Fall color! They were a joy to work with and they head over heels in love :) Lexi and Eric had so many wonderful details that made the day special, from the pictures of beloved family members no longer with them attached to their boutonniere and bouquet, to the adorable Shrek-ears they wore when they entered the reception, I loved it. They also entrusted the day to one of my favorite wedding coordinators, Laura Gram, who ensured the day run smoothly and allowed Lexi and Eric to focus on enjoying their fabulous party!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Family: Tatum, Jeff & Max

This was an especially fun photo session for me! Tatum and I are friends from school (for those who don't know, I'm also currently in grad school), so it was wonderful to spend an evening with her, her husband Jeff and their very sweet and well-behaved dog Max. We couldn't have asked for a more gorgeous night or a more stunning backdrop.

Married: Sarah & Gordon

Sarah and Gordon married on a very rainy Saturday, but that didn't dampen their beautiful day. Fortunately, their venue (The Hollywood Schoolhouse) has fantastic indoor and covered outdoor photo spots! I feel very fortunate that I get to work with such wonderful couples, and Sarah and Gordon are no exception...they are a fabulous couple! Enjoy their slideshow!

Married: Cheryl & Devin

Cheryl and Devin exchanged their vows on a dock on Lake Union as the sun set behind them...very picturesque! They are such a fun couple and their personalities complement each other perfectly. It was a wonderful day from start to finish...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Married: Ashley & Jason

I had a fantastic time working with Ashley and Jason! They had a gorgeous wedding at Sanders Mansion and we found so many beautiful spots to take pictures. I had a blast working with these two, they are so fun and so obviously head over heels in love! They are also naturals in front of the camera, so relaxed and focused on each other...just the way a wedding day should be.

Here's their slideshow: